so i bought these pretty cheapo solder boards on ebay. unlike the radioshack ones that i’ve used on 8+ boards, some of the metal contact pads kept delaminating! this meant that i could no longer solder connections or wires to the board.

since we are fitting all the arduino + supporting electronics (sdcard reader, xbee, rtc) into an enclosed space (blog on that soon), i wanted to solder everything onto one board so as to have a common ground and 5v. also it would make everything organized.

i didn’t learn my lesson after the first soldering session. after spending 4 hrs on the first board, too many pads were falling off to constitute a semi-proper circuit. i thought i was soldering at too high a temperature for too long (300˚) and that was why the pads were coming off. anyways, i soldered the sd card reader and xbee already…. doh! on to desoldering, without a solder sucker.

burning everything to get those pins back out

better design, pads still coming off. ok so this time, as you can see from the above photo, i needed a better circuit layout and a lower iron temperature. so i sketched out a proper (to me) circuit and went back for another 4 hrs of meticulous soldering.
i found that 2-4 pads kept falling off!
ok…. ordering proper proto-boards.

ok, i finally admit i like to use a lot of solder

xbee rescue

i think this video sums it up.

† fume extractor not depicted

april 6, 2019
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April 9, 2019

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